Monday, February 15, 2010

Everything is relative..... Not!

This is for all of the people which, when they want to say that "anyone can say whatever and it doesn't matter..." say "Everything is relative..." and quote Albert Einstein's Relativity...

Ok listen, this is wrong!

Einstein Relativity theories (special and general ) have been built with the exact opposite aim in mind.
The main idea under the Relativity is the following: take two observers of a physical (chemical, human... whatever) phenomenon, even if they move one with respect to the other at incredibly high velocity or accelerate strongly, they will still be able to describe this phenomenon with the same laws of nature! Ok, the form of the equations will be different... (and probably in order to agree on the numbers they should have a deep Physics knowledge...) but still they will be able to predict the evolution of the system and come to the same conclusions!
Ok, I admit that the word "relativity" is misleading, but please do not cite Einstein for that... he is becoming more wrongly quoted than Jim Morrison...
Hey, everyone can still think and say whatever and it doesn't really matter!, but the Relativity theories teach you a deeper lesson "No matter where, when, how fast or how pushed or pulled you are, we agree on the fundamentals laws of nature! They are what they are, not opinions!"

For a simple reference please read: The_Special_and_General_Theory
a popular introduction written by the Einstein himself and freely available on the web.

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